Camera Recommendation

Take this with a grain of salt, it is subjective 'advice' based on my liking and no scientific or methodical approach has been taken in recommending this.  Also, if you use the Amazon links, you would be helping me earn commission but, you would pay the same price whether you purchase directly or through the link.


As someone famous said, 'the best camera is the one you have on you.'  I shoot with my iPhone 7+ most of the time.  No, the photographs on this site are taken with a DSLR.  But, unless you don't mind carrying around a bulky DSLR, you are better off with a non-DSLR camera.  So, when I take pleasure trips, I take my Sony A6000 with me.  It is less bulky, attracts less attention and takes decent pictures.  It is a mirrorless camera.  Most manufacturers make one.  I researched them early 2017 when I was getting ready to take a 5 week trip to India and Paris and decided on the Sony A6000 with the kit lens of 16-50.  Note that it is not the latest and greatest.  It was released on February 12, 2014 so as of June 21, 2017, it is over 3 years old!

Why would I recommend something 3 years old especially, given that technology changes so much?  Cost.  Features.  Aftermarket accessories available.  Relatively bug free.  So many owners out there that you can easily find an answer to anything related to the camera.  So, buy yours here.  Generally speaking, I prefer buying the camera body separately from the lens so that I can buy the specific lens for specify type of photography.  In this instance, Sony has bundled a pretty decent lens so, am comfortable recommending the kit purchase.

RecommendeD (MINIMUM) accessories

2 extra batteries with charger.  The mirrorless cameras rely on using an electronic view finder which is heavy on battery usage.

Camera strap.

2 32 Gb memory cards.I only buy Sandisk, Lexar or Transcend.  And, I don't buy larger cards because if I lose a card or it goes bad, I lose only some of my pictures.

Lens cleaning kit.  DON'T ever use your shirt to clean your lens or use the liquid you get from eyewear stores.

Camera bag.  I liked this bag so much that after I sold the first one I had bought back in 2006, I bought it again in 2015.