Trip to Queretaro...

As the bus travels through the dark highway to Monterey it reminds me of traveling in India along the highway at night. The road lit by moonlight and the sides as rural and unkempt.

I wonder what drives the violence in Mexico a country whose beauty is only exceeded by even more beautiful/kind people. Money from drug trade and the quest for a bigger share of the drug supply chain? Brutal violence that is hard to fathom that some people from this same Mexico would commit.  Highways that once upon a time were roamed freely by everyone and that few chance today after dark.

What is perhaps more disturbing is that the soldiers of the cartel earnestly pray to the same God as the rest for protection of their shipments and for dominance in their brutal war.

Has poverty really driven the people to embrace working willingly for cartels - generation after generation?

Change for the better is imminent because the soul of the Mexican people is pure and their passion is raw. And, their pride is legendary. A pride that has for long now been humiliated by the drug czars. There will be another revolution in Mexico. One that will eliminate the drug cartels. Revolution is in the blood of Mexicans and the longer the oppression, the fiercer the revolution will be. It is a matter of time, may take a generation or two, but, being here on Mexican soil, I feel it.