This past Thursday, June 22, 2017, I drove up to Houston the day after hurricane Cindy flirted with it and Galveston.  Stephen Fox, architectural historian, a gracious adviser to two of my projects and I spoke to architecture lovers at AIA Houston about the Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Photography Project.  After the talk, I drove over to Galveston for my five day stay at its oldest building, the Menard House.  Legend has multiple stories of it being a haunted mansion but, no sign of any spirits.  Yes, several folks have breathed their last in the mansion.  It is a gorgeous mansion and I was fortunate to get the room that Sam Houston enjoyed, courtesy of the Galveston Historical Foundation.

Over the next five days, with help from my dear friend Rasik Patel from Houston, who drove me around, I covered 140 miles within the city of Galveston photographing 100+ buildings based on a list put together by Stephen Fox and Dwayne Jones, executive director, Galveston Historical Foundation.

The amazing architecture of Galveston thrilled my senses as much as the Menard House did.  Visiting the aftermath of Cindy's flirtation, ensured that most of the days had perfect lighting due to the overcast sky and occasion rain.  For the most of the photography, I didn't have to worry about the building's orientation as there was even light with minimal shadows.  The buildings got a nice wash readying them to be photographed.  I am thankful to The Lord for the perfect shooting conditions!

The end product of the photography is going to be two publications (print and eBooks) titled:

  1. 'Galveston: A Visual Journey'
  2. 'Galveston: Mid-Century Modern Architecture'

Dwayne has graciously agreed to provide the narratives.  The publications will be highly visual -- similar to my other three -- written for the 'heads-down' sixth graders and beyond, for folks that enjoy historic architecture and for research students.

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