If you would like to purchase prints, email pino@artbypino.com with image location (row 2, col 3) or screen shot of the image along with size desired. Panoramic images such as r2/c3 will be printed on 12x24". Other images may be cropped to fit size selected. Once I receive a list of images you would like to purchase, I will email you the price + shipping and upon receipt of payment, place the order.

Pricing for Prints on Professional Photographic Paper (min order $25 + $10 flat shipping & handling)

 5x7" $5 ea, 8x10" $10 ea, 11x14" $20 ea, 12x18" $30 ea, 12x24" $40 ea, and 24x36" $100 ea.

Pricing for Canvas prints

24x36" $220 ea, 36x48" $370 ea, inclusive of shipping & handling.